erotic sculptures

through rooms

Performance, 90 mins, 13FESTIVALEN, Konstepidemin, Göteborg, January 2018.

Three people move around in the same house, through the same rooms, but never encounter one another.

schottis, vals, polka

Schottis, Vals, Polka is a performance I did in collaboration with Danish musician and dancer, Nicolaj Wamberg ( The project is an investigation into how social dance works as performance art.





Vessel is an investigation I did in collaboration with Bergrún Anna Hallsteinsdóttir. We interviewed seven different people and collected their stories about vessels. Among others, a friend talking about tupperware, a blood doctor talking about blood vessels, someone who’s about to move and is packing everything in boxes.

We put together the sound of the people telling their stories with video clips of vessels from our own archives. The result was exhibited in a container which functioned as an expo space for a community project called The Travelling Embassy of Rockall, down by the harbour in Reykjavík.


Exhibition text:
Black or blue or green holes that swallow our trash, 
Little tupperware containers that are more precious to some than others, 
Places where those who don’t fit in can find a home, 
Life-giving transporter of information
And nutrition,
Space to exhibit art, 
A lifetime’s worth of objects, contained, decaying, discarded
And a whole collection of little moments.

With thanks to:

Anna Margrét Halldórsdóttir
Nanna Hlín Halldórsdóttir
Sita Valrún
Hallsteinn Stefánsson
Bjarki Bragason
Virginia Stocker
Zsófia Cságoly


post-me 3

Performance, 2.5 hours, 13FESTIVALEN performance festival, Konstepidemin, Göteborg.

Post me is a real life comment system, introducing physical contact between the person who made the original statement and the respondent.


post-me 2

Performance, 2 hours x 2 days, group exhibition Kynleikar (Genderplay), at Tjarnarbío, Reykjavík.

Post me is a real life comment system, introducing physical contact between the person who made the original statement and the respondent.

Leit að sveiflu

(a search for oscillation)

Ballpoint pen on paper, 8xA4 and 1xA3, group exhibition Bólfesta – Ekkisens hústaka II.




experiment II

Performance, 90 mins, January 2018Exhibition in collaboration with Bergrún Anna Hallsteinsdóttir, Þorshöfn, Iceland.

The exhibition took place in an old salt shed in Þorshöfn, as a part of the town festival which was held 17-18 July 2015. The work is an installation including a video projection and sculptural work. Experiment II is based on a conversation between the artists and the space. In this case, the space, which is an old house were they used to salt fish, has never come into contact with art.

The video projection is a 59 minute loop, documenting the two of us cleaning the floor around the drain, where the salty water from the fish had carved out a pattern in the stone floor through the years.

The sculptural work is the floor around the drain that we’d cleaned. We made a square with black tape around it to mark it out.



the roman arch

My work is a sculpture made out of cardboard boxes. By modifying the shape of the boxes, they fit together as a Roman arch. The boxes are not glued together, but even though they are very light, the pressure is enough for the arch to stay up.

My interest for working with the arch comes from wooden building blocks they had in my school when I was little. You could build a Roman arch out of them, like a puzzle. The first model I made for this project was my own version of those building blocks. Removing the wall around the arch, I realised that the shape the arch alone was more interesting for me. Leaving the wood behind and starting to work with cardboard boxes, was not only to increase the size, but to work with found material and the challenge of making it work with different shaped units.

The sculpture in Hafnarhúsið is big enough for people to intuitively walk under it, although, since the boxes are not glued together in any way, it might collapse.

experiment I

Performance in collaboration with Bergrún Anna Hallsteinsdóttir, 1 hour, at group show Fjöltengi, Ekkisens Gallerí. Improvisation with drums and movement.